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Swaraj Saw

swaraj saw

Swaraj saw is a graphic designer at  Factry Infotech India, the  most comprehensive and broadly adopted development platform. Having previously led development, marketing, sales, and support for 6 years, from 2016, this experience helped launch and grow factry infotech from a dream to a fast growing  start-up into a  business, Swaraj saw is most recently graphic designer of our company.

Swaraj Saw is an graphic designer with amazing skills and abilities in a variety of media, including collage, Lomography, and vector graphics. highly skilled with canva, Adobe suite products like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. extensive experience in carrying out digital marketing strategies using social media content and digital advertisements.

Factry InfoTech India

Factry Infotech India was developed so that you might take pleasure in the design process and eventually have a website that you are proud of.
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